Joomla Day Chicago exceeded expectations with a great offering of presenters and dynamic topics. As a first time Joomla Day attendee I was eager to meet and network with an extraordinary community of Joomla users. The Joomla community is a voluntary group of Joomla uses ranging from new users to experts that are dedicated and committed to the international success and usability of Joomla in education, enterprise, start-ups, small business and the list goes on…

Joomla Day Chicago drove home the idea that Joomla offers something for everyone. Joomla has always focused on building a user friendly CMS, catering to the non-techy and techy alike, but it appears they have outdone themselves with the new release of Joomla 3.0. Joomla 3.0 features a new Interface Library that is attractive and encourages ease of use, new installation process that is super-fast and new attractive admin template. Bootstrap is an additional step toward making Joomla easy to use and is built in to the Joomla 3.0 release. Bootstrap creates a UI that eliminates the need for CSS and templates will work for all components.

CNP Integrations’ Joe Joomla (Joe Sonne) stole the show with the Secrets of Getting an A+ Joomla! Reputation and Attracting A+ Clients. Joe delivered an informational and interesting presentation that truly “undressed” Joomla! and defined how to keep A+ client and get rid of less because it is cheaper to keep customers than to get new ones. Joomla Day Chicago was a huge success and we are looking forward to seeing everyone at Joomla World Conference ( ) in San Jose, California.

Here are some videos of several presentations we gave at the Joomla day Chicago event:

Building Community Websites With Joomla - Case Study: My Puget Sound - Presenter: Christopher Nielsen

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Joomla and Web Security - Presenter: Christopher Nielsen

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Secrets of Getting an A+ Joomla! Reputation and Attracting A+ Clients - Presenter: Joe Sonne

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