Bay Area Video Coalition Overview:

Technology: Joomla CMS 1.0 framework with many custom built component integrations and 30 custom modules and 2 custom templates.
Status: Delivered and not supported first year -no longer supported
Web URL:

Description: The Bay Area Video Coalition, or BAVC (pronounced "bay-vac"), is a nonprofit media arts center that was founded in 1976 by a coalition of media makers and activists who wanted to find alternative, civic-minded applications for a new technology - PortaPak video. Our continuing mission is to inspire social change by enabling the sharing of diverse stories through art, education and technology. To support BAVC's mission and fresh identity campaign, CNP Integrations built a robust community portal system with numerous custom modules and component integrations. Two unique templates were developed to give both student and professionals their own identity and social collaboration space. In addition to the many social technologies and community building tools, features a robust class registration management system for their core educational opportunities. Also included were several repositories for video and audio assets from the many community video producers and their own "Bump Records" record label. One key challenge met by the CNP team was the ability to deliver this complex system within an extremely condensed timeline.

Client testimonial: "BAVC is a nonprofit organization that came to CNP with a complex Joomla web development project. Thanks to the talented team of developers at CNP, and their thoughtful recommendations on component integrations and functionality, we were able to get a very complicated web site up in record time. If you are working in Joomla, you will be in capable hands with the CNP team."