Description: is an advertising driven community centric portal with a strong focus on business news and information, music and culture and Jobs listings. This project was originally started by another development company that fell short meeting client expectations. The CNP integrations team rebuilt the architecture and several custom components and integrations leveraging the clients design elements and was able to help the client launch on schedule. In addition CNP provided client training and ongoing support.

Key Features:

  • Jobs search tools with built in components and integrations with Infoseek.
  • Community building tools leveraging the JomSocial Components
  • Custom tell a friend component
  • News and blog articles and information streams
  • Banner Advertisement management system
  • Integrated music player and file management
  • Ecommerce and catalog management
  • More…
  • TECHNOLOGY: Joomla, JomSocial, Jobs Board, Virtuemart, Custom elements

    STATUS: Delivered and Supported