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JOOMLABDAY 8-english-thumbJoomla! has yet another birthday - 8 Years with happiness in the millions.

If you already use Joomla, you know how powerful, cost effective and flexible it is for delivering content online. However, if your new or on the fence it is time to take notice and get excited because Joomla is really growing up and "coming of age" with their new 3.x series of the software.

Before founding CNP Integrations in 2006, I was fortunate to get involved with using Joomla just as it was being spun off of the Mambo project. It is so exciting to see how this whole Joomla community has exploded to build such fascinating technology for so many to grow their businesses and present their messages online. The passion and determination of "Joomies" around the world have come together to build more than just great software though. They have built an entire ecosystem which has become the lively hoods for so many businesses and individuals, been the inspirations of so many great web sites and attracted one of the largest communities of talented developers. This just continues to make a win win for everyone and it also keeps it fun to be part of.

Like any ecosystem that thrives there has to be a need and a demand in the marketplace. The Joomla! project has seemingly struck the right nerve in this matter to the tune of 3.3% of all web sites online with 44.9 million downloads worldwide. Note: In just the last year this marketshare stat is an increase of total web sites online from 2.8% to 3.3%. Given the fact Joomla has achieved so many successes with the entire Joomla organization as completely volunteer driven, I think makes it one of the most unique business models in the history of open source software development. Joomla remains among the top three open source CMS systems and continues to be at the core of so many great online initiatives. These are some fantastic achievements but personally having a little of an inside scoop, I can tell you there are many more groovy things on the way from this bunch.

We are proud to be a part of the Joomla movement and thankful for the opportunities that it has brought our company as well as the great friendships and relationships we have built with so many throughout the Joomla community. This info-graphic is our small gift to Joomla! as it celebrates 8 years of innovation and resilience in a highly competitive marketplace. We hope you will share this and tell the world how great it is to be a part of something that is changing lives, fueling businesses and making a difference in the world for so many.

On behalf of our entire CNP Integrations team we wish Joomla! a Happy B Day, give a big shout out to all our friends and thanks to our many great customers for using Joomla! We are here because of you.


Click on the flag to see the Portuguese lamguage version:

Joomla 8 Years inforgraphic in Portuguese BRAZIL-icon





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