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Joomla Learning Management SystemLowest cost of ownership

Until now, there has not been an affordable, full-featured learning management solution within reach of small businesses, non-profit organizations, and other niche content publishing industries. CNP Integrations has combined the power of Joomla CMS with the LMS King and JomSocial community building to offer a superior learning management platform with a low cost of ownership.
Our learning management solutions stand out as the best option in the marketplace for developing blended learning communities.

Latest and Greatest technology

What is a "Joomla Learning Management System (LMS)"? This type of platform can be achieved using one of several Learning Management Extensions developed specifically for the Joomla CMS (LMS King, GURU, JoomlaLMS, JoomlearnLMS and ConnectLMS are the top contenders) or there is also a popular bridge offered for connecting to the widely-used Moodle LMS.
LMS King is the first full-featured LMS that is compatible with Joomla 3.x version and offers significant cost of ownership advantages. One of the big challenges with any robust LMS system is the complexity of getting everything set up, and one key feature our customers like about the LMS King Solution vs. others is the easy-to-use setup wizard that guides you through the configuration steps of your learning or certification paths.

Each of the features and capabilities of any LMS system you choose should be carefully matched with the priorities of your organization's training requirements. However, you will find that the LMS King and Joomla LMS are ideal if you need rich feature sets, SCORM compliance, and institutional-level performance. But they can also be adapted for more simple applications.

Building Blended Learning Communities

E-learning with Joomla CMS can allow you to expand your learning group with a host of community building features. JomSocial or Community Builder Extensions are a perfect complement for creating blended learning communities in a single integrated platform. Combined with the 6000+ Joomla Extensions and thousands of world class template designs, Joomla CMS offers an expandable platform that can grow with you as your needs change over time.

SCORM and Re-purposing Content

The LMS King system is one of the most powerful professional software bundles designed for E-Learning with SCORM compliance in a Joomla CMS. Leveraging SCORM-compliant content allows you to reuse content developed for your current training programs in other learning management systems, as well as the flexibility to share existing content from other systems and learning programs in your new Joomla based LMS.

E-learning software and learning management systems should offer student tracking and easy management of your training content. Some popular authoring software and SCORM authoring tools boast this capability, but most lack features compatible with today's social networking standards. But the LMS King and Joomla LMS have extensive student tracking capabilities and can easily be customized for unique feature requests.

Content Authoring for Training Systems

A good Learning Management System, e-Learning and course management software, online training platform, or Web-based eLearning all require professional technical support and skilled content developers to yield a good return on your investment. However, with affordable and feature-rich content authoring tools such as Articulate, Captivate, Adobe Flash and Camtasia, the process of developing rich, interactive content is so much easier. Having all of these available tools to simplify capturing your subject matter expertise is a great opportunity for companies and organizations to offset some of the challenges in their industry niche by enhancing their online learning resources. Not only can this benefit communication and product knowledge with your customers and build confidence in your organization, but it can also prepare you for scaling your workforce up or down with minimal impact.

Professional Services and Support

CNP Integrations and our Joomla CMS Educational Design Services Team will work with you and your stakeholders to define and understand how to best approach your organization's learning management needs. Once we have a solid strategy map, we help you assess the best solutions and process for implementation. We can fit in as needed to fill in the gaps or handle the entire scope of your project.

Our technical teams build all of the tools, configure them for ease of use, train your teams to use them better, and support your hosting, security and any technical customizations.

If you need help building content for your Joomla-based learning management system, CNP Integrations' training services department can help you develop SCORM compatible courseware, certification programs, learning management software configurations, and custom interactive content modules for powerful web-based training programs.

CNP Integrations is here to supercharge your Joomla CMS eLearning management platform. We deliver exceptional service, support, and technical resources to help you be more successful.



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