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norse-live-hacking-mapThese days when I scan some of the links below and check the news I get the feeling that in addition to the unfortunate physical conflicts around the world that we are also deeply engaged in a World War in cyberspace. When looking into the live hacking maps it looks like nation states and corporations and perhaps criminal underground networks and some "wanabe famous bedroom hackers" are battling online for information dominance and control and perhaps in some cases just for the sake of disruptive outcomes.

A day does not go by where the average person is not in the middle of this with their personal information at significant risk. It is almost like an airborne virus you could just catch being in the proximity of someone infected. You can put up your guard and do all of the right things to protect yourself and still be vulnerable. As more and more companies and services move online we all need to open our eyes a little wider and prepare for many "what ifs". What can you do to become more aware of where and how you are vulnerable and in tune with the threats that are out there? I encourage you to poke around the links below and do some searching yourself on ways to protect your information and practices of using your technology connected to the internet.

One of the reasons why we are focused on supporting Joomla as our premium platform for delivering web applications is not only because of the ease of use and robust capabilities that our clients demand. We do this also because the Joomla CMS offers many advanced security features we can use to protect our client data and their customers data. Joomla has lead the way with security as a priority for their platform. Starting at the core with great code in Joomla 3.x and unique capabilities of features like 2 factor authentication are actually innovations that many other similar CMS solutions are striving to catch up to. While there is no such thing as an invulnerable system many Governments and Enterprise customers depend on Joomla already for maintaining the privacy and integrity of their web assets. There is no wonder that Joomla has especially found a favored niche for small business owners, nonprofit organizations and midsized institutions.

Stay alert, be informed and if you are building or maintaining a web site for your business or organization you can rest assured that working with us and a Joomla! 3.x platform will offer you a higher level of protection.