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It is summer again and that for me means at least one grand road trip. I will be hitting the road today for a couple weeks to get back to my hometown of St. Paul MN. After a week with family and friends I will be giving a presentation on Artificial Intelligence July 18th at JoomlaDay MN to be held at the Mall of America Though I am not a computer scientist by any stretch nor an expert on AI, my passion for technology and the Joomla CMS project have led me on a fantastic journey of exploration in this subject. Hanging out with so many smart folks from the community has  inspired me to dig in on this new trek of reading to prepare and share what I hope to be an interesting topic for the folks that attend.

I can say that the 12 books thus far and endless web searches and research into the world of AI (and related topics) has truly opened my eyes and scared the shit out of me just a bit. I am though an optimist and excited about the possibilities this new order of technical wonder can offer us. There is so much going on these days and from so many different directions it is almost impossible to keep up on all of the advances in technology, threats to our security, effects on economies and the way all of these things are going to change our entire society.

The exponential rate at which all of the next gen technologies are growing is going to make a very different world. So the challenge for me with this upcoming presentation is first, that there is so much to cover and second, that I have to tie it all back to Joomla. Humm, well for that you are going to have to get to MN for the event or check out my recap when I return. I will also do some follow up presentations at our Business Innovation Center in August

JoomlaDay MN event on July 17, 18 & 19 will include some great leaders from the Joomla community and a chance to learn from some of the best in the business. There is a great trek for beginners and a bug squashing event to help make the next version of Joomla even better than the last. I have not gone to a JoomlaDay event yet where I did not walk away with new friendships, golden nuggets of information and plenty of ideas to feed my curious mind.

If you can make it to I hope to see you there.