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ZOO Radius Search-screenHey folks, we have some exciting news to share with you!

Today, CNP Integrations launched our commercial extensions division through the acquasition deal with the German based We are now the proud owners and managers of the ZOO Radius Search extension found at the web site in addition to many other powerful Joomla Extensions. You can learn more about the specifics of our new acquasition by reviewing this press release issued today:

Let me tell you flat out the ZOO Radius Search is a fantastic extension for geo mapping and search filtering for any ZOO site. It is by far the very best extension of its kind in the marketplace and we are proud to take this on. 

This all started by coincidence when were customizing the ZOO Radius search for use on a couple of our client sites. In the process of implementing these installations we were approached by Digitologie to take over the project. Our team has many great ideas for this extension's roadmap and are planning a new release with some exciting features for early September. Since we are engaging the original developer to join our team as well, we now have the in house expertise to offer custom geo mapping application development for any type of need.

In addition to our the new commercial extensions over on portal we have some new FREE Joomla extensions here on our CNP Integrations site. Skip over to our extensions area for more information and a quick peek. You will see that we have added three new FREE Joomla extensions.

The first is a new Access Level Tags plugin that allows administrators to add access level controls to sections of content within a Joomla article or ZOO item. We released this last week and here is the press release for that:

 Check out the new Viral TURBO Charge marketing module. There several some Tweet to Download modules on the top of the page that demo this and they are great for building social luv with any downloadable file you may want to put on your site. In addition the new Subscribe to Download marketing module is available for building lists of subscribers which you can easily import into your favorite email marketing tool. This one works prety much the same way the post to download works but it grabs an email for building your marketing lists. All of these are in review by the JED over on and we will make a more public announcement for them once they are approved and we figure out what groovey new features we might want to add.

As part of this whole new "commercial Joomla extension" business division we are going to do our best to reach out for your feedback on making our entire Joomla Extension collection even better. There are some other new extensions our teams are working on that we will be announcing shortly as part of this initiative.

So as we jump into this new business modle of providing more agressive support for this extension catalog we ask you to tell your friends, test our extensions and provide with constructive ideas. We also ask for you to be patients with us as we charge ahead to build and improve more great tools for the Joomla CMS.

Thank you for your business and any "social luv" for this endevor you care to pass our way.