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LINKEDIN-2For quite some time now CNP Integrations has been discussing ideas and our experiences of building online communities with the Joomla platform. We do this because we are passionate about helping folks achieve successful online experiences and want them to connect better with their unique communities of interest. Though we specialize in the Joomla CMS as our web tools of choice, the principles for building effective online communities are universal and independent of the technology we specialize in. In fact most of the concepts around building sound communities are actually independent of any technology since it all boils down to human needs and how we interact socially.

I recently read a great book recommended to me by Brian Teeman, one of the founders of the Joomla community called “The Art of Community”. I thought the author Jono Bacon was very insightful and I found on his web site that he has started an annual event called the Community Leadership Summit. This event is for online community managers to interact with like-minded folks and learn from each other’s experiences. The unique way they structure this conference looks very interesting because as a participant you help define the topics discussed and elements about online community development that are explored.

The next event date was just released and I for one will be blocking these dates out on my calendar and I thought our friends that pass by our blog would see value in this as well. I also found it was very interesting how their choice for a logo below was similar to the direction we took in our identity graphics for building communities and our seven pillars of success campaign. We were completely unaware of their summit when we stated our collateral development and rebranding for our company and we must have gone through a parallel thinking process in a similar universe. Shhh... dose anyone else hear the theme from twilight zone in the background like I do?

COMSummitCommunity Leadership Summit 2013 July 20 – 21, 2013, Portland Oregon

Oregon Convention Center 777 NE Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. Portland, Oregon 97232

Learn more at the web site:

The Community Leadership Summit is FREE but requires registration.

You can also get the book “The art of Community” here: