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Client: Pro Link
Platform: Joomla
Technologies: LMS Authentication and Synchronization
Service Provided: Integration with Ready Go
Additional Support: External Database systems and custom components.
Status: Delivered - Ongoing Support and Hosting
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The Prolinkhq site is a participant in CNP's Joomla Lifeline Program The site integrated with a large MSQL Propduct DB and Learning Management system. As a data warehouse for numorus product documents and other distrubutor resources this site requires a complex Access Level Contol strategy. Several custom components and code enhancements to other Joomla popular extensions wer required and CNP has been providing ongoing technical support and secure hosting services.



CNP Integrations helped us in the design and development of an effective website that integrated with several internal systems including an LMS and extensive product database. They helped train our team on how to effectively use the Joomla platform and have been providing responsive ongoing support since 2007. The CNP team has been efficient, professional and responsive at all times. They continue to provide a high level off support and professional service. We are eager to recommend them and feel they have a superior grasp on the Joomla platform.

Mike Nelson
Vice President of Marketing



Pro-Link and our distributors offer high quality janitorial products, green cleaning products and innovative services to deliver better cleaning, increased productivity, improved worker safety and lower total costs. CNP build a public and membership portal system that integrates with several legacy systems and large product data bases and learning management systems. Our team helped bridge to complex systems and integrate a custom member ID driven content access and authentication system.