Your website may need a makeover, better functionality, stronger branding or improved technology to deliver the experience your users expect. With CNP Integrations as your partner you can have the confidence to do more while maximizing your time and minimizing your costs. Our roadmap to success will ensure you have the security and competence to move forward with your priorities and objectives while respecting your budget and timeline.


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Call us: +1-508-644-1553

CNP Integrations offers the first comprehensive program designed around Building Successful Online Communities with Joomla CMS.

Start harnessing the power of the new social frontier with powerful online community technologies from CNP Integrations. We can help you build your own online community. Our expert and experienced success managers will help put your project on the fast track while maintaining strict success guidelines. Our 7 pillars of success make sure you cover all of the required elements for a successful community building strategy.

Today's Web technologies make it possible to build robust online community that can engage your audience like never before. However, building your own community requires a lot more than installing a few extensions and inviting a few friends. To build a sticky community, you will need a viable business plan and the strategy to fill the needs of the people you want to attract. This may not be easy to do by yourself, but CNP Integrations can help you do it right or even do it all for you.

We start by identifying and gathering data on seven fundamental focus areas about your community project. Once this data is collected and analyzed, recommendations are made, and with your approval, your community-building project is off to a sound start.

Building Sustainable Online Communities with Joomla


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