Your website may need a makeover, better functionality, stronger branding or improved technology to deliver the experience your users expect. With CNP Integrations as your partner you can have the confidence to do more while maximizing your time and minimizing your costs. Our roadmap to success will ensure you have the security and competence to move forward with your priorities and objectives while respecting your budget and timeline.


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Digital strategy should be the starting place for every web project.

One key aspect of our proven process of success is to go through a worksheet/check list approach for answering simple high level questions around; What, Who, How and Why as it relates to your industry and project priorities. Below are some sample questions we would ask and answer in the early stages of your project.

  • What are you trying to accomplish?
  • Whom are you communicating with?
  • Where are you starting from?
  • What are your biggest obstacles or challenges?
  • Whom are the folks involved right now?
  • What is the best use of available resources?
  • Whom and what needs to happen to achieve success?
  • What are the priority features your will need to meet your objectives?

This process of asking the right questions will help us determine if you have the right approach, are targeting the right market segments and have the resources required for matching the desired success with your ambitions. We want to make sure we" travel the right road and never run out of gas."

Once a clear vision and direction is understood by everyone involved in the process we assemble this information into action plans that define the best possible strategic approach and focus points that will lead you on a pathway to success.

CNP Integrations team draws a diverse collection of experience from a variety of industry, nonprofit and government related project executions. Our expert knowledge of the Joomla platform combined with the highest level of talent resources allows us to provide superior advice, consulting and project management support.

Content Management

One of the key benefits with the Joomla CMS is that is is relatively easy to use for no technical users. This means that more folks either on the front lines with your clients or with greater expertise can contribute to the content you wish to present. With the ability to pull in external content from RSS feeds or community contributes content in social networks takes this a step further. With a platform as flexible and easy to use as Joomla you are virtually limitless in how you configure your system and present your content.

CNP Integrations helps you with strategy, configuration, technical support, security, hosting, branding and training in a personal responsive way. We want to may your experience managing content comfortable and enjoyable across your team. Joomla offers the technical flexibility and ease of use to get the best value out of your investment of time and resources to manage content online.

Optimization for SEO and Performance

Joomla CMS offers a flexible platform that you can install hundreds of extensions from a catalog of thousands. While this makes the possibilities of what your Joomla site can do nearly limitless, it can also create situations where your performance is impacted. There are often trade-offs you will have to weigh in the process of implementing your technical strategy. Finding the right combination of extension that are both compatible and perform securely in your environment is a very important step in your development process. In addition we have built an optimized hosting and security platform for Joomla CMS that allows us to respond quickly to your support and development requests.

Working with an experienced team such as CNP Integrations we will help guide you through and consult on the best options available We offer advice that allows you to make the best possible decisions and allows you to deploy an optimized and stable platform that serves your requirements.

Flexible Template Designs

Creative designers love the ability to easily customize designs that can be turned in to beautiful and easy to install templates for Joomla. The Joomla development community has inspired world class designers to build compelling template catalogs that offer customizable templates on top of unique frameworks that are easy to install and offer advanced features for limitless control from the back end control panel of your Joomla administration area. There are even template design tools for non-designers that make it fun to build your own template and they output a simple file you can easily install.

While the best value often leans toward leveraging a pre designed template, once you determine which approach is going to work best for your organization CNP Integrations can help you implement your solution of choice. We will also review how your template blends with your communication messages and brand identity so you can achieve the best possible impact with your web presentation.

Joomla! on Mobile Devices 

Most of the top 3rd party template venders today support mobile configurations that allow you to present basic content on mobile devices. There are also Joomla extensions that can define mobile application parameters to make the implementation of pushing your site mobile with little effort. Another popular trend in the industry right now is called "responsive design" where a single custom template will actually scale to the device. Each approach has its merits and cost benefits. CNP integrations will help you define your mobile strategy and then implement the most effective option for communicating with your end users.

We all know the mobile is the future and CNP Integrations wants to help you harness Joomla in a mobile space to achieve your goals and objectives.

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