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Joomla! is the Web

With millions of Joomla! installations powering an astounding almost 3% of the entire internet across the globe, Joomla! has become a standard for publishing information, content, media, news, and more across the web.

Joomla! is Open Source

Joomla! embraces Open Source ideals where innovation, and creativity are limited only by the imagination. By remaining Open Source, freely distributed, freely used, and freely modified, Joomla! encourages people to dream, create, develop, and contribute. And by keeping these ideals throughout it’s community, Joomla! allows anyone, anywhere to adapt Joomla!, or it’s extensions to build amazing things.

Joomla! is Community

Joomla! is the leading community driven Content Management System in the world. Joomla! does not have a corporation or individual funding it and driving it forward. Instead, it leads the way by relying on a global community of hundreds of thousands of developers, designers, integrators, site builders, webmasters, and individuals. All contributing in a unique community where each contribution is valued, and our community pushes technology even further.

Joomla! is Stability

With a regular, scheduled release cycle, seamless upgrades, and a platform constantly being improved upon by thousands of developers, and community members, Joomla! remains a stable platform, a place to build a business, a community, a masterpiece for today, and the future.

Joomla! is Security

the Joomla! Project takes security very seriously, with a dedicated Security Strike Team constantly reviewing the Joomla! software, identifying and fixing any potential vulnerabilities, and ensuring that Joomla! is a safe, secure platform on which to build your business, secure your information, and keep your data safe.

Joomla! is Creativity

Joomla! makes “beautiful” easy. With constant innovation from the Joomla! community, the potential is unlimited. Technology standards already implemented in Joomla! like MVC allow designers and creators to implement anything, limited only by imagination.

Joomla! is Social

Joomla! connects people. It’s core values reflect that in it’s development community, and those values are reflected in the Joomla! software. Whether it’s connecting your site with today's popular social media outlets, or creating your own social community, allowing users to share, connect, and create means that you get a software engineered to engage your users.

Joomla! is the Future

By becoming adopters and advocates for technology standards like MVC and OOP, as well as recognizing and integrating emerging technologies like responsive design, and mobile interfaces, the Joomla! community is constantly bringing the future into the present, making emerging technologies and capabilities accessible to everyone.

Joomla! is Global

With over 500,000 community members, in dozens of countries, across 6 continents, and over 60 supported languages, Joomla! reaches to every corner of the globe in providing a unique online experience in your language. Whether it’s one language, or 20, Joomla! provides the ability to make your site truly unique, by presenting content, information, and connections in languages on every continent.

Joomla! is You

Joomla! is community driven. Without it’s community, Joomla! fails. Fortunately, the Joomla! community is made up of hundreds of thousands of people constantly innovating, creating, building, and contributing to push Joomla! forward. Best of all, Joomla! is You! With an open community, available for anyone to jump in, contribute, and enjoy, there’s opportunity for you to make a global difference in the future of Joomla!, and the internet.

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