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jdnc-debThis first of its kind one day event held at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business had a unique demographic to that of what I have seen at other Joomla events we have attended. The average age was older and there were more women. This is encouraging to see such a diverse group of folks with wide ranging backgrounds participating in these Joomla Day events. Duke University was a beautiful facility for delivering the educational tracks and the adjoining accommodations were first class. Kudos goes out to Jon Neubauer, Deb Cinkus and David Hurley and the many other volunteers for making this a great event and hopefully a growing community in the Southern Region of the US.

CNP integrations was a sponsor and thought the JDNC was a great place for us to introduce our new Community Building Success Program where we break down elements of community building into seven pillars of success. The reception of our new approach was very positive and we look forward to improving upon this next workshop planned for Joomla Day Boston on March 16th. FYI: You can download our new brochure on the topic of Community Building here:

jdnc-davidIt is always great to get feedback from so many other Joomla developers on common challenges they are facing. I particularly enjoy talking about their client engagements and uniqueness of how they run their businesses (but that is because it helps me run ours better). Steve Burges gave his presentation on the Joomla family tree and this is always interesting to hear how so many folks came into the Joomla project and to see how one person can inspire so many others whom in turn do the same. Another highlight for me was David Hurley’s new presentation on how to get involved in the Joomla community. This is great to see that there is not someone considered an official point of contact for jumping on the Joomla bandwagon and getting involved in a meaningful way. Joomla as a community has grown so large and somewhat complex in its organizational structure and if you are new and filled with enthusiasm you can now have someone to connect with and direct your energy where you can make the biggest contribution. If you are jazzed about getting involved in the Joomla community contact David; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Overall Joomla Day events are always fun and it is hard to leave one without making new friends and learning something interesting. CNP integrations is proud to be a sponsor of both Joomla day Boston March 16th and Joomla Day New England April 13th