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Joomla 3.0 was released yesterday and it was a real rush monitoring the discussions as the hard working teams of volunteers came together to tweak the information pages and collaborate on pushing out this powerful new software and updated platform. Joomla! 3.x is optimized for users with varied technical expertise to build robust or simple mobile ready web communities and interactive online applications. This new release offers something for everyone. There are mobile ready features for meeting the current  market trends for content accessibility, it is easy to use which makes it a compelling option over other simplified CMS tools because you can scale to future proof your online presence. Joomla 3.x also has some fantastic new development tools to entice the development community. One of the major strengths of using Joomla  vs "the other guys" are the magnitude of developers supporting the Joomla CMS and platform globally. So in my book Joomla 3.0 is taking big leaps for taking away and strengthening market share from the other CMS contenders such as Drupal and Wordpress with their cutting edge new features, dramatically improved ease of use, responsive mobile ready user interfaces and more efficient development tools.

Here are some useful links to learn more:

Joomla 3 Landing page:

Joomla! 3.0 - Mobile R3ADY. US3R Friendly -Video

Joomla Release video

Some of the highlights in the year for CNP is the opportunities that we have to get together with the Joomla! community around the world for local Joomla!Day events and international conferences.  This last weekend I had the opportunity to join the New York Joomla! community for their 2012 Joomla!Day NYC, and got to meet a great bunch of folks doing some really amazing things with Joomla!.

Over the weekend I was able to present 4 separate times on various Joomla! topics ranging from building Joomla! sites in multiple languages, to sitting on a panel for Joomla! security.  Together with the rest of the great speakers at this event, anyone who came got a wide range of sessions covering just about every aspect of developing or running your Joomal! site - including a fun session where anyone asked any question about Joomla! they wanted, and got an answer!

Joomla Day Chicago exceeded expectations with a great offering of presenters and dynamic topics. As a first time Joomla Day attendee I was eager to meet and network with an extraordinary community of Joomla users. The Joomla community is a voluntary group of Joomla uses ranging from new users to experts that are dedicated and committed to the international success and usability of Joomla in education, enterprise, start-ups, small business and the list goes on…

Joomla Day Chicago drove home the idea that Joomla offers something for everyone. Joomla has always focused on building a user friendly CMS, catering to the non-techy and techy alike, but it appears they have outdone themselves with the new release of Joomla 3.0. Joomla 3.0 features a new Interface Library that is attractive and encourages ease of use, new installation process that is super-fast and new attractive admin template. Bootstrap is an additional step toward making Joomla easy to use and is built in to the Joomla 3.0 release. Bootstrap creates a UI that eliminates the need for CSS and templates will work for all components.

CNP Integrations’ Joe Joomla (Joe Sonne) stole the show with the Secrets of Getting an A+ Joomla! Reputation and Attracting A+ Clients. Joe delivered an informational and interesting presentation that truly “undressed” Joomla! and defined how to keep A+ client and get rid of less because it is cheaper to keep customers than to get new ones. Joomla Day Chicago was a huge success and we are looking forward to seeing everyone at Joomla World Conference ( ) in San Jose, California.

Here are some videos of several presentations we gave at the Joomla day Chicago event:

Building Community Websites With Joomla - Case Study: My Puget Sound - Presenter: Christopher Nielsen

Youtube Embedded Video

Joomla and Web Security - Presenter: Christopher Nielsen

Youtube Embedded Video

Secrets of Getting an A+ Joomla! Reputation and Attracting A+ Clients - Presenter: Joe Sonne

Youtube Embedded Video

Manufacturers of smartphone and tablet computers are improving design and function of their products to better reach customers. A recently well publicized example of this was Apple who debuted the new iPad available in several screen sizes. Google has also recently showed their Nexus series with three different screen sizes. Each new upgrade means web designers are optimizing for many more possible screen sizes and formats. These changes can cost businesses money as they try to keep up.